Introduction to Potters Grove


Why the name 'Potters Grove Tabernacle'?

The board prayed and considered many different options concerning the Tri-County Holiness Association’s identity to the tri-county churches. This name change was not intended to be purely cosmetic. The goal was to give people outside of the association a sense of where the grounds are and what is there. 

The term 'Potters Grove' was incorporated because it speaks of Lester Potter and the Potter family who gifted the land & buildings that are located in a grove and formed the association many years ago. The term Potter’s also speaks of our Heavenly Father who wants to be the potter for each of us. Isaiah 64:8 “Yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand” (see also Romans 9:21). We used the term ‘Tabernacle’ because that is what is in the grove. We chose not to use the term ‘camp’ because the grounds are not intended for camping at this point.

The association did not change its name we simply renamed the grounds where ministries are being held – Potters Grove Tabernacle is a ministry of the Tri-County Holiness Association.

God has given us the vision that Potters Grove Tabernacle will be used to host concerts, special services and seminars.  

The Sunday night services feature Music Groups both local and afar as well as pastors, speakers and worship teams/choirs. We are praying that these services will inspire and challenge believers from many different denominations, and also help bring unity to the body of Christ in the tri-country region.

Obviously, our hope is to minister to current members and attenders - and beyond. We are praying for God’s anointing upon each concert and service that is held this summer.

Potter's Grove Tabernacle is an inter-denominational ministry center which serves churches in Warren, Saratoga and Washington counties (NY) by providing Christian seminars, concerts, special services and events.


If you or someone you know would like to use their gifts, talents and abilities to help further PGT please have them contact us at 518-636-5510.

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